Critical Academic Skills

Schoolwide Student Goals

Downtown High School students will think critically, communicate effectively, contribute socially, and work collaboratively. These goals are the basis for the skills we have identified as most necessary to teach all students, our Critical Academic Skills (CAS), which drive our curriculum and our planning. DHS students will:

Communicate Effectively

a. Follow a creative process to produce work in the visual, media, performing, or literary arts.

b. Produce a five-paragraph, thesis-driven essay that follows all steps of Downtown High School’s writing process.

c. Prepare and deliver formal and informal oral presentations to peers and/or community members.

Work Collaboratively

    1. Participate in teacher-designed collaborative learning experiences such as partner work and working in groups of three or more, with designated roles.
    2. Engage in curriculum-based team building activities that promote cooperation, understanding and respect.
    3. Complete ongoing and culminating group projects with individual roles and responsibilities that require consensus building and group problem solving.

Contribute Socially

    1. Examine, analyze, and apply understanding of social justice issues.
    2. Participate in curriculum-based, community-oriented experiences, in class or in the field, that involve people or organizations from outside the school.
    3. Identify, articulate, and implement actions that can lead to positive personal and social change.

Think Critically

    1. Create original work requiring analysis and evaluation of multiple sources including, but not limited to, text, data, and media.
    2. Solve problems that require the application of high school level math concepts to real world situations that are integrated with other subject areas.
    3. Utilize inquiry methods as a component of the scientific process and as a strategy to explore other subject areas.