GRO: Gardening as Resistance and OpporTunity

In GRO, you will study and learn hands-on gardening skills here on campus in the DHS garden, as well as in community gardens throughout the city. You will learn about the science, math, and history behind growing the food needed to feed your community and beyond. You will investigate real-world and fictional case-studies of communities coming together to survive when outside food resources are restricted or eliminated. Learning gardening skills is a first step toward resistance against the dominant food paradigm, and the dependency it demands. You will look at your daily diet and analyze what’s in it, where it was made, and how it got to your plate. Finally, you will begin to see how much opportunity for future employment can be found in garden-related industries (plants and materials, irrigation, sales, etc.), which can be developed into businesses.

Working from internship to entrepreneurship is yet another way to practice Gardening as Resistance and Opportunity!