Wellness Center

What is the Downtown High School Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program coordinates and provides health, mental health and substance abuse services and programs for Downtown High students on campus. It is part of the San Francisco Wellness Initiative.

What kinds of issues does Wellness address?

Wellness addresses a wide variety of issues such as:

  • Violence and Abuse
  • Stress
  • Depression & Suicide
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions
  • Resource & Referral to community agencies
  • Pregnancy & Birth Control
  • Chronic Illness
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Family Issues
  • Sexual Harassment Issues
  • Sexual Health
  • Peer Relationships
  • Cultural Adjustment & Identity Issues
  • Smoking Cessation

What types of services are provided for students?

Students can participate in a variety of services including mental health and substance abuse counseling, nursing services, case management, support/empowerment groups, conflict mediation, referrals to community agencies and more.

Wellness services provided to youth are CONFIDENTIAL!

Some of the weekly support/empowerment groups we offer (examples): Poly Power with the Samoan Community Development Center, The LOVE group (healthy relationships) with La Casa, Latinos Unidos facilitated by HOMEY, Black Student Union with Mo' Magic, Hip Hop Appreciation group, Youth Outreach Workers, Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and many, many more!

Many students drop in for a cup of tea, a brain break or short break from class, someone to talk to, a piece of fruit or healthy snack and many more reasons!

How do I refer a student to the Downtown High School Wellness Program?

Complete a Wellness Program Referral Form and put it in the Wellness Coordinator's mailbox (Main Office & Counseling Office). These forms are located in the main office and in the Wellness Program in Room 100. Students can also self refer in the Wellness Program Drop-In Center during lunch and after school in Rm.100.

* If you have a crisis situation, do not complete a referral form – please contact 911 or go to the nearest emergency room or hospital.

Who is on the Wellness Team?

  • Jodi Tsapis, Wellness Coordinator
  • Idil Arpaci, Wellness Nurse (On Site Mondays, Tuesdays, and alternate Wednesdays)
  • Lawrence Festin, Community Health Outreach Worker
  • Emily Kane, Behavioral Health Counselor

* In addition to the above full time staff , we coordinate over 15 counselors, case managers, group facilitators, interns, and mentors from community based organizations (CBOs) who provide support services for students at Downtown on a weekly basis.

When is the Wellness Program open?

The Wellness Program is open M-F during school hours and for Student Drop-In Hours during lunch and after school until 2:40pm – We have tons of health information and resources – Please stop by Room 100 on the 2nd floor!

Can teachers use Wellness services?

Although Wellness services are funded for youth – we also have health and mental health resources available for staff! If you would like support please come talk to us – we are here for you!

Questions? Concerns? Contact Jodi Tsapis, Wellness Coordinator 415-695-5860 x. 3302, Rm 100 or our direct line 415-695-5849.


The Wellness Initiative believes that students who are have their emotional and physical health needs met can achieve more academically!

Mentors from CJCJ and DHS basketball players

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SCDC Wellness supports positive school climate initiatives

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